Industrial Safety


Industrial safety means both public and personal protection against disasters within industrial facilities. To prevent these events, various safety measures are elaborated by the State and by specific companies.
Industrial Safety exhibition is intended to be a forum for discussing the key aspects of industrial safety in designing, constructing, operating and liquidating hazardous industrial facilities of mining, coal and metallurgical industries. Also, the focus will be on the facilities of oil refining, oil extraction, petrochemical sectors, trunk pipelines and gas-distribution facilities.
Representatives of companies-operators of hazardous facilities, equipment vendors and manufacturers, specialists of laboratories of non-destructive testing, designing and construction enterprises dealing with hazardous facilities, expert institutions, insurance companies, and subject matter training facilities.
Regulatory framework for State monitoring and supervision, certification, testing, examination of industrial equipment for safety;
Instruments and solutions for non-destructive testing;
Software for industrial safety;
Diagnosing and examination of equipment for ageing;
Testing equipment;
Personal protection against exposure to dangerous and harmful factors of production;
Solutions for air conditioning, air purifying, thermal control, radiation protection, electromagnetic shielding and noise protection;
Assessment of workstation conditions for compliance with labor protection requirements, hygiene, ergonomics, and medical care at work;
Highly durable and wear-resistant materials for use in aggressive medium and in hazardous environment;
Labor protection management at work, professional training, retraining, certification for personnel.