Transportation Security


The transport safety concept of the Russian Federation incorporates the following: defining the national interests in the transport sector, assessment of threats to these interests, shaping the system to counteract negative factors and threats within the sector, defining the set of measures to allow for qualitative enhancement of transport safety in the Russian Federation, and compliance of national safety standards to world standards.
Latest developments and accomplishments in transport safety, recovery aids and special equipment to tackle emergencies at transport will be displayed within the framework of the exhibition.
Persons responsible for safety of automobile transport, representatives of organizations for assessing vulnerability of transport infrastructure and vehicles, heads of state authorities of transport monitoring, associates of educational institutions teaching the transport safety, and operational services to support road safety.
Engineering means for prevention and fight against terrorism;
Security systems for transport terminals;
Systems of transport organization for hazardous cargo, oversized cargo, and heavy-lifts;
Security systems for flyover structures (of motorways, railways, bridges and tunnels) and pipelines;
Security systems for road traffic, security systems for urban public transport;
Special motor vehicles;
Security of air transport;
Security of railway transport;
Security of airports, railway stations and ports;
Protection of the transport infrastructure;
Educational institutions, courses of continuing education and retraining;
for specialists of transport safety.