State Border Security And Protection


State border protection is an integral part of security maintenance system of the Russian Federation and implementation of the state border policy of the Russian Federation. The policy involves coordinated activities of federal state agencies, governmental bodies of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, local authorities, carried out within their scope of reference by means of taking political, organizational and legal, diplomatic, economical, defence, border, reconnaissance, counter-reconnaissance, special investigative, customs-related and other measures.

State border security is an integral part of measures for border protection and is carried out by border authorities being part of Federal Security Service within the frontier territory, by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in airspace and underwater environment, as well as by other services (agencies) of security maintenance of the Russian Federation.

Target audience:
key personnel of national security, defence and law enforcement agencies, specialists and experts in the industry, developers of ammunition, military and special equipment.

Thematic sections:
• Systems, tools and equipment for border security;
• Engineering structures and barriers;
• Ships and boats of coast watch;
• Technical equipment for customs control and customs clearance;
• Security equipment systems, safety and life-support systems for border agencies and troops;
• Automation systems for control, communication and information exchange for the benefit of border agencies and troops;
• Armaments, individual ballistic protection means and non-lethal weapons;
• Dog service;
• Customs clearance and technical aids (equipment of customs terminal: design, supply, installation and maintenance).